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is under way. already this morning, pistorius' defense attorney has challenged testimony of a husband and wife who say they heard screams then gunshots from pistorius' house on the morning reeva steenkamp was killed. yesterday the wife cried on the stand during testimony at one point pistorius covered his ears as if to stop hearing what was being said. >>> emergency crews remain on the scene of a deadly explosion in new jersey. a gas leak led to the blast which killed one woman and hurt several others. dozens were so damaged that families were not allowed to return. neighbors describe the terrifying moments of the explosion. >> the loudest sound i ever heard. >> we saw flames and smoke and chaos. >> all of a sudden all our windows just blew out. >> like a sonic boom and everything shook, the foundation, everything. >> seven utility workers were hurt but are expected to be okay. they were digging when they hit a gas line triggering the blast. >>> a surprise revelation from former penn state assistant football coach mike mcqueary, he was a key witness in the case that put jerry sandusky
of the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. defense attorneys will say he was acting in self-defense when he fired four shots through the bathroom door last valentine's day. >>> our parent company disney is cutting funding to the boy scouts next year because the organization bans gay adult troop leaders. the boy scouts lifted a ban on gay youth last year. but the prohibition against gay adult leaders remains. >>> the popular machines used to help infants fall asleep may be damaging their hearing. the maximum noise level from three of the machines exceeded the work place safety level for adults. experts recommend moving those machines further away from the child's crib. some models are designed to be attached to the crib itself. >>> and tiger woods is in a race against time, trying to recover from a lower back injury that forced him to quit a tournament in florida. >> he says he'll be getting treatment daily and hopes to play next weekend. he was well out of contention yesterday when he walked off. >>> the best golf shot of the season so far happens to be our "play of the day." this h
's final witnesses may have helped kennedy's defense. a toxicology expert testified that she may not have realized she was impaired, which is what kennedy has insisted all along. >>> well, experts say a giant solar flare that fired off the sun won't have much of an effect here on earth. it erupted yesterday afternoon on the sun's surface. >> now, the explosion of hot gases generated winds said to be over 4 million miles per hour. flares often disrupt satellite communications, but this one was not directed at the earth. it could still cause some auroras near the poles tonight. >>> move over, lebron james, the best-selling jersey in the nba belongs to a player who hasn't scored a basket yet. this season. >>> plus, a child dies after being bitten by his pet. new details about the alarming disease he contracted and who the family blames for what happened. >>> and canada controversy. the surprising reason president obama's new amba >>> welcome back. general motors is issuing a recall and an apology. the automaker admits it may have been too slow in recalling 1.6 million cars because of a safet
. tension is building here on the k crimean peninsula. this morning, the so-called defense units descended on the two airports of this region including the one in the capital which is still working as normal. yesterday, armed groups stormed and occupied the parliament building and ran up the russian flag. you have to understand this part of ukraine is mostly ethnically and culturally russian. many would like to see it as a part of russia. ukraine's interior minister said today he sees these actions as a military invasion and occupation by russia. for the first time since this crisis in ukraine began, president vladimir putin of russia has commented on it saying russia is looking into providing assistance to crimea and later today in russia we will finally get a glimpse of ousted ukrainian president viktor yanukovych at a press conference. he has fled ukraine for russia asking for their protection and insisting he's still ukraine's president. alex marquardt, abc news on the crimean peninsula, ukraine. >> we will stay on top of that throughout the day. >>> a serious square in new mexico. inv
of a woman before four gunshots on the morning that steenkamp was killed. pistorius' defense attorney contended the screaming may have been pistorius after he realized he had shot steenkamp. >>> well, a high-profile trial under way here in the u.s. prospective jurors have been introduced to osama bin laden's son-in-law who faces terrorism charges in new york. the judge asked sulaiman abu gaith to turn and face the potential jurors before asking if any of them knew him. none did. lawyers must choose 12 jurors and several alternates before opening statements can begin tomorrow or thursday. >>> the prospects for middle east peace talks appear slim despite a major push by secretary of state john kerry. at the white house yesterday israeli leader benjamin netanyahu appeared pessimistic about meeting an april deadline to move the talks forward. president obama meets later this month with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. >>> first lady michelle obama makes her first visit to china later this month. the trip will include meetings with china's first lady and high school and university student
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)